Are you in need of a more flattering, modern, stylish or professional look? Whether you are in the public eye, clueless or simply too busy, Vanessa will help you create a wardrobe that enhances your body type, fits your personal aesthetic, and works with your lifestyle.

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Before Vanessa begins any service with a client, she sits down with you for a consultation to discuss the look you want. She asks a series of questions and has you browse through a carefully constructed fashion look book.


Vanessa will help you eliminate ill-fitting and outdated garments in your wardrobe that do not go with your desired appearance, and identify the clothing that still works.


Vanessa finds the key articles of clothing that your wardrobe is missing in order to create the image you want. You can shop together or she can shop without you and then bring the purchases to your home or office. When she shops with you, she pulls the clothing you will be trying on before your session starts so you arrive to a full dressing room. She also provides online shopping.


Vanessa creates outfits from your existing wardrobe, new purchases or both. For each look she creates for you she takes a photo so you won't forget the combination. She can then e-mail you the photos for you to organize or she can upload the photos to your personalized Virtual Closet (explained below).


The Virtual Closet is divided into categories personal to how you get dressed. It can be as simple or detailed as you like with categories based on garment or occasion. Here are three examples of virtual closets...


If you are too busy or do not want to be bothered with getting rid of your unwanted clothing, Vanessa will transport everything to a donation center and provide you with the tax deductible receipt.


Once you and Vanessa have decided what to keep in the closet she will organize your clothes, shoes and accessories so that everything is orderly and accessible to you.


Vanessa will put together your attire for any special event. This includes, but is not limited to: a special occasion party, imperative business meeting, public appearance, work event, a speech, television appearance etc.


Vanessa will assist you in finding the perfect wedding dress, accessories, groom attire and bridesmaid dresses for that very special day.

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Vanessa will recommend trusted professionals for a variety of other services you may desire such as: a tailor, hair stylist, make-up artist, personal trainer etc.


Vanessa has numerous fashion related lectures and talks suited for groups of all sizes from a small organization to a large corporate setting. Each lecture is tailored to the client and ranges from structured to spontaneous and interactive.

Invite Vanessa to speak to your employees on how to dress professionally. Bring Vanessa in to discuss dressing well in the dating scene. Have Vanessa discuss modern accessories. Topic suggestions are welcome.

One thrilled client says, "We had such a wonderful time with you!  I'm still getting enthusiastic and appreciative comments from our women. My neighbor has thanked me four times for bringing her (to the seminar), and last evening came over and talked at length about how much she enjoyed you.

"Thanks for all the thought and prep time you gave to your delightful and informative presentation. I heard more than once that the time passed so quickly they couldn't believe an hour and a half had passed, and they wanted you to keep talking. Me too."

     -- Sue in reference to Vanessa's Accessories Seminar

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