“I would highly recommend working with Vanessa!  I interviewed 3 different stylists and I felt the most comfortable with her.  She is fun, warm, easygoing, and professional.  She was never pushy and understood what I was looking for (and helped me when I really didn't know what I wanted or was looking for.)  
    I really enjoyed all the services including the consultation, closet clean out, shopping, and outfit creation.  The shopping in particular was amazing.  I always WANT to enjoy shopping, but find it frustrating, confusing, and it tends to lower my self-esteem.  Not so with Vanessa!  I'm not sure how she did it, but I felt successful and excited about shopping.  The process is very efficient and it's clear she knows exactly what she is doing.  And when something doesn't look good, she points out what is wrong with the clothes so you don't end up feeling like you are the problem.  I have never had such successful shopping!  
    I have also loved all the compliments I started getting once I was wearing my new clothes.  Suddenly I feel fashionable and confident enough to wear the more interesting outfits I would only dream about wearing.  I even had someone insist I had lost weight (though I had not lost even a 1/2lb).  I'm sure it was just because I am now wearing clothes that fit properly and are flattering.  My boyfriend has also enjoyed the process, as he likes my new outfits and doesn't have to suffer through my complaints or freak-outs about what to wear!  
    Overall, it feels like I now have an entrée into the world of fashion with a fabulous guide who is helping me learn and express my unique personality through my outward appearance.  I look forward to continuing to work with her and feel liberated knowing someone has my back in the world of fashion!”

    -- Linsey, Therapist (Unrequested Yelp Review)  

     "I wish I had met Vanessa years ago. At 45 years of age, I knew enough about dressing not to offend anyone, but didn't feel I was really making any significant or lasting impressions. Vanessa began by using a questionnaire and fashion (look books) to learn more about me and my tastes. From that information she was able to perfectly match clothing choices to fit my personality and profession. Next, we evaluated my existing wardrobe and she gave reasons why some items were 'keepers' and others needed to be purged. I learned the finer points of properly fitting clothing for my body type and the places to shop and the stores to avoid. As we shopped together, she educated me about what makes an article work with my age, personality, career and social life.

     Vanessa and I next created a portfolio of photographs of my new wardrobe showing combinations of attire, categorized by occasion. In the last 6 months I've found that my social life has expanded because I immediately accept invitations to events without having to wonder what to wear or race out for last minute shopping. I also no longer get overwhelmed at the mall, because I have a better sense of what to look for, what works and how it should fit. I have also received innumerable compliments on my clothing and others have taken notice or asked directly where I purchased certain articles.

     Vanessa's great sense of style, extensive experience, directness and sense of humor has made me a client for life and I highly recommend her if you're considering a change for the better."

     -- Greg, Architect (Requested Letter of Recommendation)

“Vanessa changed my life! Let me explain: I am an out-of-shape, way-older, unfashionable woman, who "looked down" on people who invested in the superficialities of life ... and yet I longed to feel good about myself and my wardrobe. Hmmm. I read about Vanessa in SAN DIEGO MAGAZINE, and decided to call ... we made an appointment. Later, I thought about canceling (I thought I was too far gone!). THANKFULLY, I kept the appointment! Vanessa turned out to be a sweet, stylish friend who guided me through my own wardrobe ("this can stay; this should go") and made shopping a breeze (Vanessa knows EXACTLY where the most flattering clothes are in your price range!). And, she's definitely not a snob - my "cheap" sweater from Target got to stay ... on the other hand, Vanessa educated me about paying more for pants that fit! For me, Vanessa is like the perfect mother ... someone who wants the best for me and lovingly guides me there. I thought a stylist would be intimidating (and maybe some are!), but Vanessa is just the friend-next-door who happens to be an style expert ... wanting to help me be the best I can be!”

    -- Christine, Marketing Consultant (Requested Yelp Review)

     “Words just can't even express how happy I am with the new clothes we purchased!! I wore the new outfits last weekend and [my fiancé] LOVED them!!! Especially the skinny jeans ; ) You made the experience so enjoyable and I'm pretty much convinced that it's the only way I'll go shopping now!

If you ever need a glowing reference don't hesitate to ask. I'll definitely be giving you a call to update my winter wardrobe this fall after the wedding.

Thank you so much!!

    -- Ness, Nurse (Unrequested E-mail)

     "My experience with Vanessa has been the best ever next to my kids and good marriage of course.  She has completely changed my life for the better.  She went through my closet and had me purge the things that were no longer bringing me happiness and were ultimately making me feel like crap or look like it.  Shopping with her was a great experience. I felt like a princess.  As a mom it is nice for someone to cater to you once in a while without it being a holiday.   Vanessa came at a low point in my life and completely turned it around.  I feel beautiful, and confident like I did before my children and the extra mommy weight.  I would do this over again if given the opportunity.  The only thing I wish I could change would be my budget.  You get so excited feeling good about you and your body shape.  I got exactly what I asked for and more.  I am so satisfied that I will be repeat customer every season even though I have to travel from the San Francisco Bay Area to do it.  Her services are worth that and more."

     -- Lestine, Navy Officer (Unrequested Yelp Review)

    “I had been wanting to revamp my wardrobe for quite a while and after looking through a few different stylists portfolios online it became abundantly clear that Vanessa was the one to contact. I set up a consultation and the rest is history.
    My two favorite things about Vanessa, and the reasons I chose her:
    1) She actually lives and breathes fashion. After talking to her its became obvious that fashion really is her passion and she does it for a living. Many of the other people I found online seemed to do it as a hobby, or on the side. I wasn't comfortable with that. I wanted a professional.
    2) She’s a PERFECTIONIST! And I mean this in every sense of the word. She’s obsessive about it in a very good way, paying extreme attention to the details. A trait which is critical when you're choosing someone to help develop your style. Trust me, the details make all the difference. All those celebrities you gawk at....details.”
    Vanessa has an amazing sense of style, and I'm really liking the attention I'm getting with my new look. It’s very unique and exactly what I wanted.

   --Jason, Entrepreneur (Requested Yelp Review)

    “Vanessa is absolutely wonderful to work with!!  After researching stylists in San Diego, I reached out to Vanessa without a personal reference.  After meeting with Vanessa for the first time, I immediately knew that she understood what I was looking to shop for and what occasions I was having difficulty finding outfits for.  We then did a closet purge, shopping session and lastly we married the new and old clothes to come up with so many outfits.  Vanessa took pictures of all of the outfits and then emailed me over 100 photos.  I can now pull up pictures on my iPhone when I'm having any problems finding an outfit.  This has saved me so much time from trying on 20 different outfits before heading out the door ;)  
    I not only learned so much while working with Vanessa, I had a lot of fun in the process.  Vanessa is so passionate about style and it is absolutely contagious.  I couldn't give Vanessa a higher recommendation!!”

    -- Jill, Manager (Somewhat unrequested Yelp Review)

    “It is with great pleasure that I write this review for Vanessa.  As a fashion stylist, I believe, her skills and talents are extraordinary.  Vanessa was highly recommended to me and she more than exceeded my expectations.  The initial consultation allowed her to assess the style I was looking for and how best to accommodate that to my lifestyle.  She was amazingly adept at reviewing my current wardrobe, determining what was working and explaining what she felt was needed. She is so knowledgeable that shopping with her is a real joy.  She does all the hard work and has a dressing room filled with "possibilities" when you walk in.  She does not try to convince you that a certain look, or even a certain article, is "you."  Instead, she clearly listens to your thoughts, concerns, likes and dislikes and then helps put together styles that work.  Her work is not over after the shopping as she provides detailed photos and comments to help you reassemble outfits on your own.  (This, alone, has changed my life!) With Vanessa's help I have become more confident about my style and my ability to successfully project it.

    -- Charlotte, Retired Nurse (Requested Yelp Review)

     "Hey Vanessa, I just wanted to tell you you're awesome, and I am really pleased with the services you are providing.

     When I first contacted you, I thought it was a waste of time, since when I have shopped before (alone or with someone else) I have totally failed, and end up buying conservative crap or nothing at all. Before our first meeting I almost called you to warn you I am a hard case and that we probably wouldn't buy anything the first time we went shopping, and to be patient.

     We've only gone shopping a few times and I already have a closet full of cool clothes that look good on me. Just a note of encouragement, keep it up, you rock."

     -- Devin, Pharmaceuticals (Unrequested E-mail)

    “You impress me SO much with your talent AND diligence. Also, you have a sweet, unimposing, unintimidating way with clients. You're a gem! Thanks for everything!”

    -- Christine, Marketing Consultant (Unrequested E-mail)

  “Yes... it was fantastic and you are GREAT!!  I just love that you are so organized and focused and that we got so much accomplished.  I am wearing the black skirt and purple top (tucked in) right now and I think I look and feel like a million bucks!!!  What a difference you have made in my transformation to the "new" me!!!  I am truly turning the corner from my divorce to a bright new day!!!

    I have found all your selections and suggestions are so valuable.  I took your advice and laid everything all out and let it all sink in.”

    -- Jean, Accountant (Unrequested E-mail)

     "I was feeling pretty down about myself and how much I had stopped caring about how I was dressing. I mean come on, I'm 31...I should be "on trend" as Vanessa put it! I knew I needed some serious help. I began searching online and Vanessa's website was one of the first websites listed on Google. I sent her an email and got a really quick response that day! She outlined her services and recommended that we first go through my closet and identify the items that no longer work for my body type and desired image. Then she can see what I am missing from my wardrobe. From there we would put together outfits with what I already have as well incorporate any new items I would need.

     She came to my home and we spent about 3 hours trying on every single item of clothing I had...talk about a workout! We weeded out what was not worth saving or really out of style. We also made a list of items that I should shop for to round out my closet. She also takes you shopping to stores within your budget and really sticks to what you are looking for and is extremely efficient navigating the stores. Back at home she helps you put together outfits and takes pictures of them for a look book that you can reference in the future. Five stars!"

     -- Kari, Personal Trainer (Unrequested Yelp Review)

    “It was so nice meeting you. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about feeling ‘funny’ with someone so much younger knowing how to dress me.  But, you put me completely at ease.  That meant a lot to me.  I am excited to learn how to dress again!”

    -- Cece, Airline employee (Unrequested E-mail)

    “Thanks so much Vanessa.  I'm really happy with my new clothes and I'm already having a lot of fun wearing them and actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning.  Unlike before when getting dressed or going shopping was completely uninteresting.  I'm so happy I contacted you, it's one of the best decision I ever made.”

    -- Chris, Pilot (Unrequested E-mail)

  “I wanted to thank you again for helping me to find myself. I feel like I'm reinventing myself and enjoying my clothes again. I've seen pics of myself from the past 5 years and am mortified at what I'm seeing. I realize now that I had been influenced by what I was seeing on others and not dressing me.”  

    -- Vicki (Unrequested E-mail)

    “Hi Goddess of the cloth... The Tux was great. [My girlfriend] was getting jealous, I think. I must have had ten people, both men and women, compliment me on my look.”

    --Tom, Insurance (Unrequested E-mail)

  “Hey Vanessa!! Omg I'm so excited for my new clothes!!! Thank you so much for your patience. I'm usually very difficult, but I felt like you just knew what worked well for me! That made shopping so much easier and more fun! I have my closet filled up with clothes I love now. Again thanks so much.”

    -- Neddy, Nurse (Unrequested E-mail)

    “Hi Vanessa, [I’m] wearing my first Look Book Outfit to work today. It looks great and it was so easy this morning. Thank you!”

    -- Rob, Software (Unrequested Text Message)

     "...Chances are you already have complained about your looks, your height, and your weight and how hard it is for you to find clothes that fit right. Well, STOP it. Ask Vanessa! With Vanessa, you don't need to loose or gain weight. For Vanessa there is no such thing as too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, too young or too old. She will make you look perfect on your first appointment date with her. I know this because I used to feel too short, too fat and too old. But not anymore. Two thumbs up!"

     -- Miguel, Entrepreneur (Unrequested Yelp Review)

     "Working with you was such fun.  I have given you and the process raves.  I enjoy your practicality and gentle encouragement to move me forward - just what I needed. I am so grateful for the photos, even the night we finished, I was getting dressed... and I had trouble [remembering the outfits]. I am so set in my ways.... as you could tell. Thanks again!"

     -- Carol, Mental Health  (Unrequested E-mail)

    "I had the pleasure of hiring Vanessa Valiente as my shopper for the CBS television show, "The Ex List." I can vouch that her styling capabilities are exceptional. Vanessa is not only able to choose items and put together looks that work for all varieties of body types and personalities, she is able to do her work with great ease. She manages to incorporate fun and is quite delightful in everything she does.

     To anyone looking to update their wardrobe with someone they can trust, I whole heartily recommend Vanessa. You won't be disappointed with your new image."

   -- Rachel Kunin, Costume Designer (Requested Letter of Recommendation)

     "...Thank you for being so understanding about my (vegan) needs, I can't wait until our next meeting!"

     -- Kim, Author (Unrequested E-mail)

    “How do I love thee...Today was the first really cold day (in the low 40's) and I was SOOOO happy to have warm, cute clothes! As I nestled into my "Cashmere Darling" sweater (dark teal with cuts) with an olive tank under, brown leggings, brown boots, navy pea coat and mustard scarf I thought, "God, I love Vanessa!" XOXOXO!!!!!!!

    -- Betty, Actress & Artists (Unrequested E-mail)

    “I've been meaning to e-mail you forever now!!  I wanted to let you know I've been enjoying all the new clothes and have been getting lots of compliments.  When I first started wearing them everyone came up to me saying how good I looked and commented on how much weight I lost (especially with the skirts), it took the new clothes to finally show it off.  I've also been more discerning when buying new clothes, and just making sure they fit well.

    I just wanted to drop you a line and say hello and thanks for all of your help.  I'm still plugging away with getting more in shape and plan to work with you in the fall if you're available.”

    -- Ahn, Project Manager (Unrequested E-mail)

  "Best Dressed hit at the meeting, appreciate your help... Good compliments... Amazing job."

     -- Ken, Surgeon (Unrequested Text Message)

    “I was thinking about you today ... and planning to write you an email with the subject line: HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY ... followed by the text: ... that I love you!

    Sorry I was sort of disjointed last night ... you, as usual, were in perfect - and perfectly accepting/responsive/flexible - form. You're a good fashion mom!”

    -- Christine, (Unrequested E-mail)

    "I couldn't sleep last night, 'visions of sugar-plum-colored accessories danced in my head!' Thank you!!! I'm feeling like my outsides match my insides: Fun, frisky & classy! I woke up at 3am and it was ALL I could do to not get up and look at my new clothes -- I'm SO THRILLED! You are the BEST!!!!!! You are such a talent... You brought out my wild side!"

     -- Betty, Actress & Artist (Unrequested E-mail)

    “Vanessa is fast, effective and fun!  She helped me completely overhaul my wardrobe...literally we gave everything away and started fresh.  It was so much more fun than I imagined it would be, and now I feel great every day.  I highly recommend her.”

    -- Chuck, Entrepreneur (Requested Yelp Review)

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