With over 200 clients, these snapshots are a very brief look into Vanessa’s styling history. Most clients prefer to keep their outfit photos private. As for the looks pictured, each outfit was chosen for that particular client’s budget, taste level, lifestyle and/or occasion. Keep in mind that Vanessa’s abilities and range of style reach far beyond what is shown. Whether you are a man or woman, youthful or mature, fashion lover or minimalist, Vanessa has the talent, the resources and the experience to dress absolutely anyone.

To check out V-Style for Men, a men’s fashion blog, go to www.vstyleformen.com

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Vanessa Valiente is a San Diego based Personal Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Consultant and Personal Shopper. If interested in Vanessa Valiente as a wardrobe stylist for television, film or commercial work, please go to www.wardrobestylistsandiego.com.

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